2023 Problem F (Greater China Winter): IMMC2023 Problem F-Lifting Path Optimization for Hydraulic Crane.pdf

2023 Problem E (Greater China Winter): IMMC2023 Problem E-How to distinguish biological species by numbers?.pdf

                                                                          IMMC 2023 Problem E_dataset.xlsx

2023 Problem D (Greater China Winter): IMMC 2023 Problem D- Reducing cost of energy comsumption via heat and cold storage.pdf

2023 Problem C (Greater China Autumn): IMMC2023 Problem C- Is the Roadside Parking  Zone Efficient?.pdf

2023 Problem B (Greater China Autumn): IMMC2023 Problem B- Investigating the Emergence of Pathogen X.pdf

2023 Problem A (Greater China Autumn): IMMC 2023 Problem A- Smart Dilivery of Books for Campus Library.pdf

2022 Problem-InternationalIMMC2022_Problem_International.pdf

2022 Problem F (Greater China Winter): IMMC2022 Problem F- Predicting the cross-border transmission of COVID-19.pdf

2022 Problem E (Greater China Winter): IMMC2022 Problem E- How blockchain help merchants alliance drive business value.pdf

2022 Problem D (Greater China Winter): IMMC2022 Problem D- Building virtual Hong Kong in metaverse.pdf

2022 Problem C (Greater China Autumn): IMMC2022 Problem C- Other NIDs in post-COVID-19 Period.pdf

2022 Problem B (Greater China Autumn): IMMC2022 Problem B- CO2 Storage in China.pdf

2022 Problem A (Greater China Autumn): IMMC2022 Problem A- Smart Lamppost Deployment.pdf

2021 Problem-InternationalIMMC2021_Problem International.pdf

2021 Problem D (Greater China Winter ): IMMC2021 Problem D - Preparedness for Next Biosafty Threat.pdf

2021 Problem C (Greater China Winter ): IMMC2021 Problem C- Construction of Lunar Work Station.pdf

2021 Problem B (Greater China Autumn):IMMC2021 Autumn Problem B- Urban Art Zone and Future City.pdf

2021 Problem A (Greater China Autumn):IMMC2021 Problem A- Group Testing against Covid-19.pdf

2020 Problem-InternationalIMMC2020_Problem International.pdf

                                                   IMMC2020_Problem International_DataSet.xlsx

2020 Problem D (Greater China Winter ): IMMC 2020 Problem D Cyber Insurance Incentives.pdf

2020 Problem C (Greater China Winter ): IMMC 2020 Problem C Grid Frequency Response.pdf

2020 Problem B (Greater China Autumn): IMMC2020 Autumn Problem B- Credibility Assessment in Online News.pdf

                                                                            IMMC2020 Autumn Problem B- Dataset.xlsx

2020 Problem A (Greater China Autumn): IMMC2020 Autumn Problem A- Smart Water Data Analysis.pdf

                                                                            IMMC2020 Autumn Problem A- Dataset.xls

2019 Problem-InternationalIM2C 2019 Problem International.pdf

2019 Problem D (Greater China Winter ):  IMMC2019 Problem D-Winter-Air Polution-English.pdf

2019 Problem C (Greater China Winter ): IMMC2019 Problem C-Winter-Calibrating Accelerometer-English.pdf

2019 Problem B (Greater China Autumn): IMMC2019 Autumn Problem B Self-control in Gameplaying-Eng.pdf

2019 Problem A (Greater China Autumn): IMMC2019 Autumn Problem A Nurturing your ChatBot-Eng.pdf

2018 Problem-International ​:  2018_IMMC_Problem_Intl.pdf

2018 Problem A (Greater China Winter): IMMC2018 Winter Problem A- EV Charging Station (Eng).pdf

2018 Problem B(Greater China Winter ): IMMC 2018 Winter Problem B- Education and Growth (Eng).pdf

2018 Problem A (Greater China Autumn): IMMC2018 Autumn Problem A Transport  Connection English.pdf

2018 Problem B (Greater China Autumn): IMMC2018 Autumn Problem B Demographic Tranistion English.pdf

2017 Problem-International2017 IM2C Problem Intl Round.pdf

2017 Problem A (Greater China): IMMC2017 Problem A Measurements on Earth via remote sensing techniques-E.pdf

2017 Problem B (Greater China): IMMC2017 Problem B Research on the efficiencies and effectiveness-E.pdf

2017 Robotics Modeling (Greater China): Modeling for Robot Alpha-I.pdf

2016 Problem-International2016_IMMC_Problem.pdf

2015 Problem- International2015_IMMC_Problem.pdf

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