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A CONTEST in mathematical modeling for all secondary school students

A PLATFORM to experience the power of mathematics to better understand, analyze, and solve real world problems

A COMMUNITY for students and teachers to unleash their potential in mathematical modeling and innovation

Inspired by Tradition and History


 Courtesy of Hong Kong  University of Science and Technology

As  featured in mathematical history, emphasis on algorithm, computation and solving real world problem is the tradition of Chinese mathematics. Examples are demonstrated in The Nine Chapters on  the Mathematical Art, or Jiuzhang Suanshu (composed from 10th – 2nd century BCE) which  model and solve 246 real world problems covering widely agriculture, civil  engineering, taxation and trade etc.


 Courtesy of International Commission of Mathematical Instruction

On the instrumental Colloquium of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) in 1968, Hans Freudenthal made a strong plea to change mathematics education to include real world examples and modeling  into mathematics education.  (Freudenthal,  H. 1968, “Why to teach mathematics so as to be useful”, Educational  Studies in Mathematics 1 (1) , 3-8. See also Gabriele  Kaiser, 2014.) 

Innovate for a Better Future

In the era of Big Data and Internet of Everything, through the combination of modeling and computation, mathematics has become essential tool and fundamental technology for the fourth industrial revolution and advancement of human civilization. Mathematical modeling has been an important part of STEM education in schools and universities. Modeling competencies are key aspects of the innovation competence and skills. For example, in the report by World Economic Forum, The Future of Jobs, the most important type of new and emerging jobs across practically all industries and geographies are data analysts which companies expect will help them make sense and derive insights from the torrent of data generated by technological disruptions.

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