IMMC 2018 Problems for Winter Season, Greater China, Released

IMMC 2018 Problems for Winter Season, Greater China, Released

The problems originate from R&D topics by renowned scientists, engineers and professors from Didi Research Academy, Stanford University and Tsinghua University. Problems authors and experts from IEEE and IMMC would like youth innovators participating in the Winter Season of IMMC across Greater China show their perseverance, enthusiasm and talents in solving challenging problems through mathematical modelling in teamwork. They are eager to interact with young challengers of IMMC in the following paper review, presentation and other activities like Meet-up with IMMC Experts and IMMC Summit.

IMMC2018 Winter Problem A- EV Charging Station TC_Bilingual.pdf


IMMC 2018 Winter Problem B- Education and Growth Bilingual.pdf


New energy passenger vehicles are developing all over the globe. China has enjoyed a leading market share in the world, of which owners of Didi new energy cars are a huge group that can not be ignored. According to China New Energy Vehicle Index (NEVI) released by Caixin magazine, China has accounted for 48.4% of the global market with 479,000 new energy passenger vehicles in the first 11 months of 2017. By November 2017, the number of new energy passenger vehicles in China has exceeded 1.1 million, 36.8% of the global total. On Didi’s ride-hailing platform alone, there are 260,000 new energy vehicles providing e-hailing services, which has surpassed Norway, France, Britain and other European countries that have large number of new energy vehicles.

However, the shortage of fast-charging piles, the occupancy of charging space by traditional fuelled cars and the difficulty in finding a charging lot, which are complained widely by new energy cars owners of Didi ridehailing platform restrict to some extent the broad application of new energy vehicles in the field of ridesharing. In response to the “pain point” of the low efficiency in using the charging piles/stations, Didi recently introduced the charging function of "Xiaoju Chongdian", recharging service for drivers of new energy vehicles. By accumulating and mobilizing the existing charging piles resources online, Xiaoju Chogndian function targets accurately at new energy vehicle owners who have high-frequency charging needs. The new function is beneficial not only to improving the utilization of scattered electricity piles, but also enabling the charging facilities to serve users truly.

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