IMMC 2017 International Round Registration Activated

IMMC 2017 International Round Registration Activated


The 120 teams selected from the IMMC 2017 Regional Round are qualified to participate in the IMMC 2017 International Round. They will work on the problem set by the IMMC International Expert Panel during March 31st 8:00 am and April 5th 8:00.

Eligibility: Teams winning qualification in IMMC 2017 Regional Round  

Registration:Similarly as IMMC 2017 Regional Round, log in the contest website (  or, click "Event", and register your team under “IMMC 2017 International Round”. Your team will be granted a new control number. 

Contest Time:Starting from 8:00 am March 31st, teams can log in and download the Problem. On or before 8:00 am April 5th, teams must submit their solutions papers online. 

Paper Review: the Expert Panel-Greater China will complete the paper review around April 12th and select teams who will be invited to attend the Presentation Competition to be held during April 27-28 at the Hong Kong University of Hong Kong. (The Presentation Competition of the Regional Round will also be held during the same period at HKUST.)

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