IMMC Thematic Afternoon at ICME14 was Held Successfully

IMMC held a Thematic Activity entitled "Mathematical Modeling Inside and Outside Classrooms" at ICME14, the 14th International Congress on Mathematical Education (  ), in hybrid mode physically and remotely with support by LOC of ICME14 and Shanghai Experimental School's Center for Mathematical Modeling.



Organizer: Alfred Cheung and Solomon Garfunkel

15 July 2021

On-site venue: East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

Online Participation: ZOOM

Objectives and significance

(i) To promote teaching and learning of mathematical modelling as well as an innovative approach to mathematics education through modelling 


(ii) To advance school teachers’ pedagogy in facilitating students’ learning of mathematical modeling and its application;

(iii) To promote students’ learning of mathematics, an important component of STEM, through experiencing mathematical modeling and its application. 

This will promote participating students’ values, knowledge and skills for solving real world problems;

(iv) To promote STEM education in high schools through implementing mathematical modeling and its application.

Activity description

(i) Reports and presentation: Awarded teams present their solution papers to the audience. They also share their experience in IMMC 

and other mathematical modelling activities.

(ii) Demonstrations: Other participating teachers and students demonstrate their experience in mathematical modelling and its integration with STEM.

(iii) Discussions: Local Chinese school teachers and students discuss their pedagogy cases and projects with the audience.

Dr. Solomon Garfunkel, Chairman of IMMC Committee (International) and CEO of COMAP,  delivered the opening speech. Awarded teams presented their solution papers to the participants at the thematic activity virtually or on the site. Teachers shared their experience in guiding students inside and outside classrooms with IMMC as practice activities. Prof.  Yin Junfeng from Tongji University led the discussion among teachers and students in the activity. Prof. Yin made conclusion remarks finally.

Highlights of the Activity

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Dr. Solomon Garfunkel, Chairman of IMMC Committee (International) and CEO of COMAP 


Prof. Shangzhi WANG, Co-chair of Revision Group on General Senior High School Curriculum Standards (2017, 2020) and Professor of Capital Normal University


Presentation of Team 1, Outstanding, Hwa Chong Institution, Singapore

JIANG Zhiheng, TAN Yi kai, YU Wenhao,TAN Jiecong


Presentation of Team 2, Outstanding,  Diocesan Girls' School, China Hong Kong (SAR)  

CHAN Tsz Ching, CHEUNG Chun Yan Alicia, IP Tsz Oi, TSUI Vivienne


Presentation of Team 3, Meritorious, IES Tháder, Spain

Gemma Selma Fernandez, Juan Jose Berdeojo Sarmiento, Luis Rodriguez Melgarejo, Sergio Fernandez Canovas


Presentation of Team 4, Meritorious, Branch of Beijing Chen Jing Lun Middle School

ZHANG Xinyao, CAO Zhanhe, MA Zehan, HUANG Xiangqi


Presentation of Team 5, Honorable Mention, Shanghai High School International Division

WOO Heejae, Nick Ruiyu Lin, Vincent Li, SONG Jiho


Sharing of Mathematical Modelling Experience from Beijing Academy, China Beijing

Teacher Xue TAN


Sharing of Mathematical Modelling Experience from Diocesan Girls' School, China Hong Kong (SAR)

Teacher Dora Po Ki YEUNG


Sharing of Mathematical Modelling Experience from Shanghai Experimental School

Teacher Xiaming CHEN and his team


Discussion of Teachers and Students

led by Prof.  Yin Junfeng from Tongji University, Shanghai, China


Conclusion Remarks

Prof.  Yin Junfeng from Tongji University, Shanghai, China

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