IMMC2021 (Greater China) Results Released!!!

We are pleased to announce the results of the 7th Annual International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM2C 2021) for the Region of Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau (the Region). Out of more than 690 teams, 52 from the Region presented their solution papers on Regional-committee-set problems, Self-chosen problem, or International-committee-set problem in front of the Grand Jury on the Final Presentation Competition on the cloud remotely, May 14-15 2021, hosted by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles.  Together with teams endeavoring through rounds of contests of Autumn, Winter, International and the Final Presentation Competition, especially conquering the hardship of Covid-19 pandemic, The Attached Middle School to Jiangxi Normal University (Mainland), Taipei Wesley Girls High School (Taiwan), Diocesan Girls' School (Hong Kong), and The Affiliated School of the University of Macau (Macau) among the 10 teams (1.4%) were awarded Outstanding Award for the International contest; Jilin Provincial Experimental School among 12 teams (1.7%), Outstanding Award for the Regional contest of Greater China.

IM2C 2021 in Greater China Region functioning as a selection mechanism for IM2C International Contest, is an interdisciplinary practice integrating mathematics with science, technology and engineering and applying mathematics in socioeconomic context, and encouraging students to identify, analyze and solve real world problems of importance. We work with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE China) and Hong Kong Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (HKSIAM) to co-organize the IM2C 2021 in Greater China. The papers recognized as Outstanding and other award categories cover different types of problem including Group Testing against Covid-19 (Problem A-Autumn), Urban Art Zone and Future City  (Problem B- Autumn), Construction of Lunar Station (Problem C- Winter), Are we prepared for the next wave of global biosafety threat? (Problem D- Winter), and the International Problem, Who is the Greatest? Maradona or Pelé? Biles or Khorkina? (published after May 22) and problems self-chosen represent the best papers of the year. The 8 papers of International Round, of which 2 from each area of Greater China, will be recommended by the IMMC Committee-Zhonghua for the Final Judgement by the International Expert Panel to compete for the international awards with the best teams from other more than 30 registered countries or areas (1-2 teams from each country/area).

Based on the judgement of Final Presentation by the Grand Jury and Paper Review by the Expert Panel through Autumn, Winter, and International Round, all teams who had submitted solution papers were awarded as Outstanding, Finalist, Meritorious, Honorable Mention, and Successful Participant. Teams winning Outstanding, Finalist and Meritorious are listed in the appendix; all teams will be informed by email individually and can view and download the award certificate by logging in the official website or

IMMC Committee-Zhonghua

May 22 2021

IMMC2021 Greater China Outstanding, Finalist and Meritorious

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