Experience Sharing from IMMC2018 Winning Teams

IMMC is really a different experience of learning by solving real world problems through mathematical modeling. IMMC 2019 is coming. Let's listen what IMMC 2018 awardees share and suggest.

IMMC has gone through four years in successfully involving more and more schools across the globe to practice, learn and teach mathematical modelling. IMMC has shown that mathematical modelling is relevant to students’ current studies, future studies, and future employment and entrepreneurship. IMMC has been more than a contest to fulfil its educational mission. It is functioning as a platform for students to practice their mathematical modelling skills in teamwork, and as a community of project-based learning in solving real world problems.

IMMC 2018 Awardees - Henry Williams from US Team & Brianna Wiseman from Australian Team

IMMC 2018 Awardee - Yu Yidian from China Shanghai Team

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